Citizen CA4210-24E

This week we want to focus on the Citizen Men’s CA4210-24E watch. This is another great watch by one of our favorite manufacturers, Citizen.

You have probably noticed that Citizen makes our best cool watch blog fairly often. They are a quality company that offers a good selection of top quality watches.

The CA410-24E is not different. This is an awesome cool watch.

This watch is stainless steel with a black dial featuring three chronograph functions including a date display.

It has quartz movement which makes it very accurate and dependable. This cool men’s watch has a 45mm case and is water resistant up to 300 feet. This means you could swim, shower and even snorkel while wearing this watch although we don’t recommend it. We like to take care of our cool men’s luxury watches.

Overall, this is a great men’s watch and is highly recommended by our staff.


BETFEEDO Men’s Black Minimalist Watch

This week we want to look at the BETFEEDO Men’s Black Minimalist Watch. This is another one of those great watches we really like.

This one can fall into a couple of our categories but we think it fits best in our best luxury watch category, although it could certainly be a best cool watch also.

But, let’s face it, the name of our site is best cool watches so all the watches we find and want to focus on can be considered a cool watch.

The BETFEEDO minimalist watches has a very minimalist design like the name suggests. It has an easy to read analog display with a ceramic dial. It is simple and stylish yet casual.

This best luxury watch is a precise time keeping watch with CITIZEN quartz movement. It is precise and accurate. A luxury watch you can count on.

This best luxury watch features a 98ft (30M) water resistant case. The case is durable and can deal with hand washing, rain and sweat without any problem. Perfect for business and casual daily use.

The glass is a high hardness mineral glass featuring a high quality 316 stainless steel case.

What do some actual purchasers thing of this luxury yet casual cool watch?

This is a great men’s watch made with good quality and basically waterproof. I like this simple and understated design, it is exactly what I want! It feels comfortable on my wrist, with this watch I can easily read time and make me look more gentleman. Definitely worth!! Will recommend it to my friends!!

Very good quality men’s watch. I love the camel color. When I wear it. My girls friend keeps saying it looks good on me. I am very happy with my purchase. With two thin hour hands, displays with no dull numbers instead there are thin lines around the watch. Easy to tell the time with unique design

Fossil Minimalist

We like cool watches, sometimes that means lots of features and sometimes it means it just looks cool.

The Fossil Minimalist three-hand watch does not necessarily fall into those categories. This is a special cool watch that we like because it is plain. We do not mean plain in a bad way. Not we mean plain in a cool way.

Because it does not have a lot of bells and whistles it is thin like you would expect in a quality luxury watch, so I guess this can make our cool luxury watch selection if you want to be technical.

It comes in some different colors but we like the plain black for a ultra luxury and spy-cool look. This watch will make a nice addition to any collection.

We write a lot about both Citizen and Fossil watches. Primarily because both of these companies make high quality cool watches at affordable prices. They also both give you lots of choices within their watch collections.

Let’s talk about the Fossil Minimalist.

The main points are it is black (at least the one we like, there are other options).

It features quartz movement with a case diameter of 44mm and is water resistant up to about 165 feet. This basically means it is suitable for short periods of swimming but no diving or snorkeling.

We do not recommend wearing this type of watch while swimming or showering, why take the chance. But if you should get caught out in the rain, no problem and no worries.

This watch features the most accurate mechanical movement and a stainless steel watch band. It is compatible with all 22mm straps if you want a different strap but the one that comes with it works really well and we highly recommend. Why change what works.