Best SmartWatches of 2018

What gets a Smartwatch on the 2018 Best Smartwatch list? Style and performance. Below are the best smartwatches for 2018 we could find and put together for you. You will certainly find at least 1 that meets your needs.

Sony SWR50 SmartWatch 3.

  • Powered by Andriod Wear and Integrated with Google Now.
  • Voice, touch and gesture control.
  • Built-in accelerometer, compass, gyro and GPS
  • Dust-tight and waterproof IP681 rated.

Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen)

  • Classic round design with edge to edge glass and an exceptionally thin bezel.
  • Quick release bands.
  • Moto Body fitness tracker. Keep fit by tracking your steps, calories and heart rate right from your wrist.
  • Men’s and women’s collections available.
  • Pick your color and design.

ASUS ZenWatch3

  • 1.39″ AMOLED display.
  • Customization multiple button design to increase productivity.
  • Built in WI-FI extends the range and connectivity with your phone.
  • IP67 Water resistant.
  • Hypercharge technology provides industry leading charge times. Just 15 minutes to a 60% charge.
  • Latest Android OS-Smart gesture control to scroll through apps and pages.
  • Built in Speaker to conduct calls, hear voice messages and notifications.

Samsung – Gear S3 Classic

  • Text, call and get notifications directly from your bluetooth connected Gear S3
  • Make payments with Samsung Pay almost anywhere.
  • Build-in GPS keeps track of your activity anywhere and makes it easy to share your location.
  • Military-grade performance. Resists water, dust, extreme temperatures and the occasional drop.

Huawei Watch Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Link Band.

  • 1.4″ full circle AMOLED display with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel body.
  • Compatible with most devices with an iOS 8.2 or Andriod 4.3 or later operating system.
  • Get notifications and alerts for calls, texts and apps.
  • Over 4000 Andriod Wear apps to choose from.
  • A Variety of pre-installed watch faces.
  • Accurate fitness tracking and enhanced heart rate monitor and sensors to track running, walking and more.

There are a lot of things we look for in functionality for the best smart watches in 2018.

Style. Smartwatches have come a long way from a stylish standpoint. They are not ugly (our opinion) as they used to be. Over the years the are getting sleeker and thinner, a plus in our opinion when it comes to style. No one really like to wear a block on their arm do they?

They watches we have listed above have are not thin from a classic stylish luxury watch stand point but they are much better than the used to be. From a “it’s a man’s watch” so it is supposed to be brutish then they are right in line with other rugged men’s watches.

All but the Sony Smartwatch 3 has the classic round design we tend to prefer. The Sony Smartwatch 3 has the more modern look that signals it is not a normal watch. That being said, it is more a matter of personal preference; obviously we prefer the round design.

Hopefully these watches will continue to slim down.

Function. Probably most of you will think function is more important than style when it comes to the best smartwatches of 2018. That makes sense, if you wanted just to tell time then you could have just purchased a regular, traditional watch and would be reading the blog entitled the best watches of 2018 or something like that.

Function is probably the biggest reason for purchasing a smartwatch. We want features, we want applications, we want to change our watch faces. We get it. We like that go. I personally have the Samsung Gear S3 Classic. Nothing is more fun than changing my watch face and pretending I have a new watch or checking my heart rate (which is usually higher than I would like) or seeing how many steps I have taken in any given day. Still wish it was a little slimmer, but I will try not to harp on that.

So, what are the functions a smartwatch must have?

  • Being able to tell the time is always great, right? All the ones we reviewed could do that so I think we have that covered.
  • It needs to work on your phone’s operating system. Do not buy an Apple watch if you have an Android phone. This is pretty important and certainly something you should check.
  • Battery life. I talk more about that below but this is a pretty big deal.
  • Available applications. The watches above have you covered, but if you decide to go another direction make sure there is a good selection of applications and the watch will actual run them.
  • Being able to speak directly into your watch while on the phone. This is cool, I do not see it as a must because people may think you have lost your mind if you walk around talking to your wrist. Or maybe you are just a government agent. Or an alien….
  • Mobile payments from your watch. I am just getting used to using my phone for mobile payments, not sure my mind can take using my phone just yet. Maybe next year.
  • Display. More about that below.
  • Notifications and Alerts. A good smartphone will alert you to income calls, emails and text messages. You can also integrate them to your social media accounts but I would urge discretion, you only want your wrist vibrating or beeping so often. Last thing you want is information overload. Having the ability to turn notifications on and off is a definite plus.
  • Watch Faces. Being able to change to an almost unlimited number of watch faces is just cool. Right!
  • Get a watch with a heart rate sensor. Might as well, that way you can see what happens when someone cuts you off in traffic.
  • Make sure it has GPS. That way you always know where you are.
  • Get a step counter, if you have a heart rate sensor and GPS then you should have a step counter.
  • Make sure you like the band or that it is easy to change. Some people like leather ones and some like metal. Just make sure if you are planning on changing bands the color of the watch works well with the band you want to change to.
Interface: Buttons or Touch. Touch seems like the way to go, but remember sometimes on that small screen it can be difficult to hit the right spot. One thing I like about the Samsung Gear S3 Classic is that it offers touch, buttons and a rotating bezel which helps rotate through options.
Display. Yes the type of display does make a difference. LCD screens are available on most smartwatches. OLED is another display that tends to be thinner than LCD and gives you richer colors but uses more battery life.
Battery Life. This is huge. They type of display you pick LCD or OLED will make a difference. So will keeping your display constantly on versus having to wake it up each time you want to look at it.  Most watches will last between one to two days between charges. If it has voice capability you might only get 18 hours.
Ruggedness. Lat think you want is the watch to break when you accidentally brush up against the wall or leave it on while you wash your hands. Most of the watches we have recommended are tough enough to handle light abuse. If you decide to go with another one, be sure to check that out.
Pricing is another factor. The ones we reviewed for the best smartwatches in 2018 are in the $150.00 to $400.00 range. You could go all out with a Tag Heuer and spend about $2,000.00. If you decide to do that, leave us a comment below with a review. We cannot afford even to review the Tag Heuer.


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