Really Cool Watches in 2017

Carrie Hughes Men’s Steampunk Automatic Watch Self-Winding Skeleton mechanical Stainless Steel CH88226GB

This watch is cool just like the other Steam Punk watches we review from time to time. This skeleton design is one of our favorites and even though we try to keep them from dominating our cool mens watches section it is hard to keep them out.

At least for us.

This watch features:

  • Automatic Mechanical Movement.
  • MAGIC Crystal Glass: Color and light transmission of photochromic glass automatically changes with sunshine intensity. The color of the dials becomes different itself when viewing from different angles.
  • Fashion appearance, Steam Punk appearance and skeleton design. Beautiful glass back, insight into the mechanical work movement.
  • Mineral glass and luminous hands. The darker the night becomes, the lighter luminous hands change.
  • Waterproof to 1 ATM

We put this in our best mens watches section but it could easily fit into our best mens luxury watches section as well. This is a truly beautiful watch.

This watch would make a great birthday or father’s day gift. In fact, it would make a good gift for any occasion.

The magic crystal glass color changing is almost like real magic and really set this watch off.

Carrie Hughes watches regularly fall into our best affordable watches category as well.

For the price this watch cannot be beat!

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Top men’s watches of 2017

Men’s Luxury Watch Review.

The Carrie Hughes Men’s Luxury Tourbillon Automatic Watch falls in to our top men’s watches category as well as our best watches for men category.

Why, well just look at it; this is one cool watch. Stylish, functional and mechanical. What do I mean by mechanical, just look at the watch face. Is that not a one of the coolest looking watches of 2017?

This thing features:

  • Automatic mechanical movement.
  • STEAM PUNK appearance (which is what we think is cool).
  • Stainless steel case and strap. Mineral glass and 6 HANDS.
  • Water resistant to 1 ATM.

Now the 1 ATM water resistance is a little bit of drag for us. You cannot swim or bath with this watch. Not that we would want to but it is always nice when you do not have to worry about water. That being said, would you go swimming with a Rolex? Thought not.

If you want a watch to swim in, there are plenty of those at Wal-Mart for $5.00 or so.

If you are looking in the best watches of 2017 category you probably do not want to take it swimming or for shower.

We do not have a top 10 best watches for men section yet but if we did these Carrie Hughes Steam Punk watches would certainly have at least one place on the list just for their coolness factor alone.

Remember this is a mechanical watch, something a lot of us might not be used to anymore. Be sure to read the instructions on how to wind the watch. It is not difficult, this process has been done for hundreds of years and should not discourage you in anyway.

This type of coolness and quality are worth the extra work. Who wants to replace batteries anyway? A cool watch for men does not have batteries.

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Time to go, I will watch for you.